Hello, I'm Tia. ( Tiare is a name of Gardenia flower in Tahiti that produces soft and unique fragrance and is also used to mix with coconut oils to produce Manoi massage oi) . 

          I'm an independent New York Licensed massage therapist who specializes in therapeutic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, Medical Massage, Thai Massage, Myofascial Release and Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment. 

I travelled to each country of massage origin to master the authentic techniques unique to each style. I started Lomi Lomi massage training in Hawaii in 2012.  The style of Lomi Lomi massage I practice is called Temple style, Kahuna bodywork or Pathway to the Stars. My lineage is of Abraham Kawai'i.  I studied with Tom Cochran ( Sacred Lomi), Jody Mountain (Lineage of light) ,and Kumu Gloria Coppola.  

As for Traditional Thai Massage, I started my trainings in 2008. I studied at the internationally recognized Wat Po Traditional Thai Massage school, the school of Massage for Health in Thailand, and many private Thai massage instructors including Master Jack Shaman.

New York City is where I currently live and is one of the best places in the world for medical massage education.  This is where I studied Medical massage ,Myofascial Release (Taylor's technique). Anatomy, Myology, Physiology , Orthopedic assessment .  I currently holds 35 massage certifications.   

My practice is holistic. Every part of the body is connected. The deep layer of the muscle is connected to the superficial layer. Muscles at different locations are connected and work together as a system.  Body, mind, emotion ,and spirit are connected.  All styles of massage are interconnected and share universal principles. I'm both scientific and artistic. My touch in every massage is intentional , present, compassionate and intuitive. For deep work, my touch is gentle slow deep and precise. 

Although I offer each style of massage in its purest form,  I'm not limited by the name of the style.  Each style of massage has its own uniqueness and benefits.  Different styles of massage are different tools suitable for different needs of people and they are synergists.  I integrate specialized types of massage to make my own signature style. If you are not sure which style of massage best suitable for you, I can help you choose what matches your need and I can integrate different styles and customize a session for you.

 The focus of my work is about quality of touch. I give fully 100% of my energy to my work and I'm committed to excellence.

         I'm a caring, and dedicated Massage Therapist.

My work is my passion. I'm very honored to work with clientele to help promote their health and lifestyle. I'm so grateful for all of the appreciation my clients expressed to me. I acknowledge and honor all my teachers who have inspired me.  I am grateful that life has led me to a career that is deeply fulfilling to my soul.


       I believe in a small business that provides the best service and value. The quality of massage and clients' satisfaction are my top priorities.  Feel free to give me a call or text to get more information about the service. Mahalo! ( Thank you!)


"We are manifestation of life, pure in essence and containing the most powerful ingredient that exists in the world: the power to grow"- Virginia Satire 

Tia, LMT,  graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Massage Therapy program. Previously, she has a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Chulalongkorn University and a Master's Degree in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU.  She was an engineer and a software developer before life called her to expand herself in the holistic wellness field. Her hobbies include dancing Argentine Tango, photography, birding, drawing, and cooking. She loves traveling, snorkeling, scuba diving, and being in the nature. She also enjoys making organic products such as soaps , hand creams, lib balms, deodorants, and aromatic candles.  See  photo gallery here.

Certificates of completion :

35.Lomi Lomi Massage with Gloria Coppola,  Sept 2019

34.Myofascial treatment of the leg and its compartments, Taylor's technique , New York , NY, August 2019

33.Myofascial treatment of the thigh and its compartments, Taylor's technique , New York , NY, August 2019

32.Lumbar disc herniations & Sciatica : treatment and management of back pain & lower extremities disorders , Taylor's technique , New York , NY, June 2019

31.Myofascial treatment of the cervical spine, Taylor's technique , New York , NY, June 2019

30.Joint mobilization and Connective tissue release, Taylor's technique , New York , NY,April 2019

29.Carpal Tunnel  & Thorasic Syndrome Myofascial Taylor's technique , New York , NY, April 2019

28.Pelvic Floor dysfunction Advance Myofascial Treatment, Taylor's technique , New York , NY, Dec 2019

27.Full body Myofascial Treatment, Swedish Institute , New York , NY, Dec 2018 

26.Lumbrosacral Hip Complex and acetabulofemoral joint: Myofascial Assessment & Treatment Swedish Institute , New York , NY, Dec 2018

25.Knee ankle and foot : Myofascial Assessment & Treatment Swedish Institute , New York , NY, Dec 2018

24.Natural Facelift massage Swedish Institute , New York , NY, Oct 2018

23.Abdomen, Ribcage and Pelvis: Myofascial Assessment and Treatment , Swedish Institute , New York , NY, Oct 2018

22. Breast Fascial & Pectoral Girdle :  Myofascial Assessment and Treatment , Swedish Institute , New York , NY, 2018

21. Shoulder, Elbow, And Wrist Myofascial Assessment and Treatment , Swedish Institute, New York, NY, March 2018

20. TMJ and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: Myofascial Assessment and Treatment, Swedish Institute, New York ,NY,Feb,2018

19. Myofascial Assessment , Swedish Institute, New York ,NY,2018  

18. Basic Fundamental Myofascial Assessment and Treatment, Swedish Institute, New York ,NY,2018

17. Working with the hip, Swedish Institute , New York , NY, Sept 2018

16. Working with the neck, Swedish Institute , New York , NY, Sept 2018

15.Medical Massage : The shoulder/ Pectoral Girdle : Tendonitis, Nerve Entrapment and rotator cuff issues, Swedish Institute , New York, New York, August 2018.

14. Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, New York , New York, June 2018.

13Thai Warrior Massage with Master Jack Shaman, Thailand, March 2018
12The Rotator Cuff and Shoulder, Swedish Institute , New York, Jan, 2018

11Advanced Thai Massage with private instructor Ajarn Wilai Riangpha , New York, New York, March, 2017

10. Cadaver Lab workshop with Dr. Joseph Musculino, University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Dec, 2016

9 Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage with Cheri Hall, Pacific College Of Oriental Medicine, New York, New York, May, 2016

8. Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy, Watpo Thai Traditional Medical and Ayuravate Association, Thailand, December,2014.

7. Elbow Massage, The school of Massage for Health, Thailand,  December, 2014.

6. Lomi Lomi Nui - Kahuna Bodywork, Ancient Hawaii Bodywork, Maui , Hawaii,  July,2014.

5.Shirodhara training, New York Ayurveda, New York, November, 2013

4. Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork,  Sacred Lomi, Big Island, Hawaii, Feb,2013.

3Sacred Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, Asheville, NC, Oct, 2012.

2. General Thai Massage, Watpo Traditional Medical School, Thailand, July 23,2010.

1Facial and Pressure Point for Face & Head, The school of Massage for Health, Thailand, November, 2008

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