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Lomi Lomi massage is Hawaiian healing tradition. The knowledge has been handed down through the ages from family to family.


In Hawaiian, “Lomi Lomi” means “to weave, to massage ”.  

A session begins with a flying dance ritual and intention setting. The massage engages mindful touch which uses the soft part of the forearms and hands to run continuously along the whole body without disconnection. The strokes are long gentle flow and unpredictable. They were designed to soothe the conscious mind to promote letting go of what no longer serves the clients.   Lomi touch is nurturing, compassionate and respectful.


To practitioners, Lomi Lomi is more than just a massage technique. Lomi Lomi is a life style. Lomi Lomi is a practice of living life of harmony and balance. Lomi practitioners learn to develop spiritual connections - connection to the source, connection to Ohana (spiritual family/ people/ all the livings), connection to Aina ( our land or Mother Earth). Lomi Lomi is a practice of being present. Breath work is also used to cultivate mindfulness and to circulate life force.


Lomi Lomi practitioner learn self-healing which includes Ho’oponopono (a system to resolve conflicts) and Huna Hawaiian principles (a system that creates balance, flow and harmony by being in alignment and expressing truth). We learn the process of healing ourselves before we assist in the healing process of others. Practitioners are also trained to hold a safe space, letting any emotions of clients that may arise in the session be sacred without judging. 


The session ends with a ritual which symbolizes a rebirth to a refreshed state of consciousness or new life.


To clients, the massage feels like a wave of gentle, nurturing, caring touch. The experience is very relaxing. Some clients come to receive Lomi Lomi just for relaxation and others request Lomi Lomi because it is the modality that integrates spiritual healing aspect. 


Lomi Lomi is a spiritual massage that encompasses emotional & spiritual, and not just a physical aspect . Lomi Lomi symbolizes letting go of the old energy and a rebirth of new life.  Due to mind-body connection, it is possible for some people to experience emotional release while the body is being touched. In such case, I professionally hold a safe space with compassion and without judging.


To me, Lomi Lomi is a practice of being present.

Lomi Lomi  integrates massage with my spirituality, my passion in ocean and dancing. It allows me to express my creative authentic self. Lomi Lomi teaches me to live life in alignment with my truth, how to hold space, how to facilitate the healing processes of myself and my clients. It encourages me to live Aloha. 


Lomi Lomi connected me with wonderful supporting Oha'na (other Lomi practitioners which we consider our extended family). Our family includes not only humans but also animals, trees, living things, planet earth, environment  and everything is interconnected. 


 We are portal of light and I'm very honored to be a part of this beautiful work.



I started Lomi trainings in 2012 and continue to grow and expand. My lineage "Temple style " is of Abraham Kawai'i . I studied with Tom Cochran ( Sacred Lomi) , Jody Mountain ,  Gloria Coppola, Carrie Curtis and Maggie Walsh. My current mentor is Kahuna Mist ,Gaylene Aitken. I acknowledge all my teachers and their teachings. I am grateful for all the knowledge and wisdom passed to me.

I hope to see you and share the love of my work with you.


Lomi Lomi Massage

  1.  Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, Sacred Lomi, 2012

  2.  Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork,  Sacred Lomi, Big Island, Hawaii, 2013

  3.  Lomi Lomi Nui - Kahuna Bodywork, Ancient Hawaii Bodywork, Maui, Hawaii, 2014

  4.  Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, Sacred Lomi, 2018

  5. Lomi Lomi Neck and Face with Kumu Gloria Coppola ,2019

Medical Massage and Myofascial Assessment and Treatment

  1.   Cadaver Lab workshop with Dr. Joseph Musculino, University of Bridgeport, CT,  2016

  2.   Medical Massage : The shoulder/ Pectoral Girdle : Tendonitis, Nerve Entrapment and rotator cuff issues, Swedish Institute , New York, NY, 2018

  3.   TMJ and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: Myofascial Assessment and Treatment, Swedish Institute, New York ,NY, 2018

  4.   Shoulder, Elbow, And Wrist Myofascial Assessment and Treatment , Swedish Institute, New York, NY, March 2018

  5.   Breast Fascial & Pectoral Girdle :  Myofascial Assessment and Treatment , Swedish Institute , New York , NY, 2018

  6.   Abdomen, Ribcage and Pelvis: Myofascial Assessment and Treatment , Swedish Institute , New York , NY, 2018

  7.   Knee ankle and foot : Myofascial Assessment & Treatment Swedish Institute , New York , NY, 2018

  8.   Lumbrosacral Hip Complex and acetabulofemoral joint: Myofascial Assessment & Treatment Swedish Institute , New York , NY, 2018

  9.   The Rotator Cuff and Shoulder, Swedish Institute , New York, NY,  2018

10.   Full body Myofascial Treatment, Swedish Institute , New York , NY,  2018

11.   Basic Fundamental Myofascial Assessment and Treatment, Swedish Institute, New York ,NY, 2018

12.   Myofascial Assessment, Swedish Institute, New York ,NY, 2018

13.   Working with the hip, Swedish Institute , New York , NY,  2018

14.   Working with the neck, Swedish Institute , New York , NY, 2018

15.  Pelvic Floor dysfunction: Myofascial Assessment and Treatment , Taylor Techniques, New York , NY 2019

16.  Joint mobilization and Connective tissue release, Taylor's technique , New York , NY,April 2019

17. Carpal Tunnel  & Thorasic Syndrome Myofascial Taylor's technique , New York , NY, April 2019

18.Lumbar disc herniations & Sciatica : treatment and management of back pain & lower extremities disorders , Taylor's technique , New York , NY, June 2019

19.Myofascial treatment of the cervical spine, Taylor's technique , New York , NY,June 2019

20.Myofascial treatment of the thigh and it's compartments, Taylor's technique , New York , NY, August 2019

21.Myofascial treatment of the leg and it's compartments, Taylor's technique , New York , NY, August 2019

Thai Massage

1.   Facial and Pressure Point for Face and Head Thai Massage, The school of Massage for Health, Thailand,  2008

2.   General Thai Massage, Watpo Traditional Medical School, Thailand, 2010.

3.   Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy, Watpo Thai Traditional Medical and Ayuravate Association, Thailand, 2014

Elbow Thai Massage, The school of Massage for Health, Thailand, 2014.

4.   Advanced Thai Massage with private instructor Ajarn Wilai Riangpha , New York, New York, 2017

5.  Thai Warrior Massage with Master Jack Shaman, Thailand, 2018

Ayurvedic Massage & Shirodhara

1.  Shirodhara training, New York Ayurveda, New York,  2013

2.  Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage, The Ayurvedic Touch , Pacific College Of Oriental Medicine, New York, New York, 2016

3.  Natural Face Lift Massage , Swedish Institute , New York , NY, 2018

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