To book an appointment , please call or text  :   347-201-0575

If your call is not immediately answered, it's most likely that I'm in session.

Please leave a text message or voice message including your name and phone number and I will contact you back as soon as I can.

To ensure availability, please schedule your appointment as early as you can (two or more days in advance wherever possible). Availability for same-day bookings cannot be guaranteed. 

We accept cash, Venmo and credit card. You can pay upon arrival or call to pay by credit card. For credit card, additional 3.6% processing fee and 4.5% service tax are applied.

Tipping is customary and appreciated if you enjoyed your massage.

A Note to Our International Clients

Leaving a telephone message from a non-US telephone number sometimes results in problems or delays in responding to you.  If you are calling from abroad, we recommend that you please leave (or separately confirm) your request or message via email to to ensure that we are able promptly to respond.


1.Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy


 1.1) Appointments cancelled by clients with less than 24 hours are at the client’s expense. The full amount of service will be charged to the client.

 1.2) Clients having a flu or fever or in active phase of illness are urged to cancel or reschedule their appointment and will not be charged. 

 1.3) Rescheduling a session can be done 24 hours in advance or more. Rescheduling a session less than 24 hours results in $20 rescheduling fee.

 1.4) We reserve the right to require an advance non-refundable credit card charge to protect the therapist against cancellation. 


2. Late Arrival And No Show Policy


We look forward to seeing you on time. Punctuality is important as it ensures the best experience for you and the therapist.  Last minute cancellations and no shows results in a loss of the therapist’s time, overhead expense, and lost opportunity costs.

2.1) Clients arriving less than 20 minutes late may receive limited work for the time remaining . The session ends at original scheduled time so that neither the therapist nor the following guest have their schedules disrupted.  Clients will be charged full amount for the entire session.

2.2) Arriving more than 20 minutes late is deemed cancellationed at a the client’s expense for the full amount of the session.

2.3) No show clients  are responsible for full amount of service. 


3. Credit Card Policy


3.1) Use of a credit card entails a 3.6% additional processing charge and a 4.5% state tax.

4.Medical Conditions Policy


4.1) A brief medical questionnaire will be given to you at the time of check-in. Please indicate any medical condition, recent injury or disability that may potentially bear upon your treatment, such as allergies or pregnancy.  Some conditions such as Embolism (stroke)  are contraindicated to massage therapy and we reserve right to decline the session in such cases.

5. Draping Policy


5.1 ) All massage styles that we offer require a set form of appropriate clothing or draping.  


6.Misconduct Policy

6.1)Our services are for relaxation and therapeutic purposes only. There is absolutely no sexual component, and therapists are to be treated with due respect and dignity in this regard. If you are seeking any form of sexual gratification, our services are not for you.

Any conduct in violation of this policy will at a minimum result in immediate termination of your session at your expense for the full amount and a refusal of any services in the future.

7. Insurance 

7.1) We do not accept insurance . We do not have any relationship with any insurance carrier and do not bill them directly or on any client’s behalf. However, if you believe that your insurance plan may entitle you to reimbursement, provide us with your insurer’s procedure code ( CPT code) and  your doctor’s diagnostic code (DX) . Upon your payment to us of the full amount of money for the session, we will give you invoice indicating the CPT and DX codes for the service and our License Number.  We have no responsibility with respect to the submission or payment of claims.

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To book appointment , please text or call : (347) 201-0575

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